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Craftodii Hastakala Warranty and Liability:

Craftodii Hastakala does not warrant and shall not be responsible for damages arising from the use of the products listed on its site. In the event that a delivered product differs from the description on the website, Craftodii Hastakala is liable only to exchange the product. Craftodii Hastakala is not accountable for delays caused by force majeure.

Copyright and Intellectual Property:

All content on Craftodii Hastakala’s site is safeguarded by copyright and intellectual property laws. The site is independently designed, updated, and maintained by Craftodii Hastakala. Users are strictly prohibited from engaging in activities such as modifying, publishing, transmitting, transferring, selling, reproducing, creating derivative works, distributing, performing, displaying, or commercially exploiting any content on Craftodii Hastakala’s site. Craftodii Hastakala upholds the rights of third-party Intellectual Property, actively endorsing the protection of copyrights and trademarks. Disputes concerning brand infringements on “Craftodii Hastakala” are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts in Bhubaneswar City (Odisha, India).

Privacy Policy:

Craftodii Hastakala values your privacy and does not share personal information with others. The information is used only by Craftodii Hastakala and its partners to fulfill the requested service and inform you of promotional offers. While you can cancel your registration, provided information will remain archived on Craftodii Hastakala’s servers.

Information Collection:

Anonymous traffic information, including computer identification, IP address, and browser details, is collected. Personal identification information provided during registration includes name, address, and mobile number, which can be updated in the “My Account” section.

Terms of Use:

Craftodii Hastakala reserves the right to suspend or cancel services due to technical issues. It disclaims all warranties or conditions, expressed or implied, and considers itself subject to the jurisdiction of local courts. Craftodii Hastakala retains the right to refuse service and is not responsible for any damage caused by the website’s use.

Liability for Transaction Decline:

As a merchant, Craftodii Hastakala holds no liability for loss or damage arising directly or indirectly from the decline of authorization for any transaction, if the Cardholder exceeds the mutually agreed present limit with the acquiring bank.